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Eculage Diabetic Socks

Eculage Diabetic Socks

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Based on the scientifically proven Cupron® proprietary technology, protects the diabetics’ feet, provides powerful anti-odor features, and improves the foot skin appearance.

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Diabetes is increasingly a problem worldwide. With the number of diabetics estimated to hit 135 million US adults by 2020, relating to an increase to $3.35 trillion spent on their care, more novel approaches to diabetic care are needed. Patients with diabetes are particularly susceptible to foot infection as they often lose the protective sensations for temperature and pain, which decreases awareness of trauma and foreign body penetration. Once the skin is cracked, the underlying tissue is exposed to pathogenic organism infection, leading to a more severe and more profound infection. Every 30 seconds, a lower limb is lost due to complications of diabetes


Eculage® Diabetes sock utilizes the Cupron® proprietary & scientifically proven technology that integrates Copper into fabrics, surfaces, and other polymers with applications for everyone from medical professionals to consumers. The Copper embedded eculage® Diabetes sock protects the diabetics’ feet, provides powerful antiodor features and improves the foot skin appearance.

  • Carefully Constructed For Diabetics
  • Anti-Odor
  • Improves Skin Appearance
  • Non-Sensitizing Non-Irritating To The Skin Non-irritating & smooth toe seam
  • Extra padding in the area of the heel and toes to protect sensitive area
  • Deliver the comfort and relief needed
  • Large amount of stretch for loose binding to calf
  • Cupron® proprietary Technology

Enhanced Wound Healing

The presence of copper in a wound dressing was proven to enhance wound closure and to increase blood vessel formation (compared with a commercial wound dressing containing silver and a standard dressing ).

Diabetic Foot Fungal infections

Diabetic patients are at a high risk for developing fungal infections. Eculage® diabetic sock, based on Cupron’s technology, outperformed in its anti fungal activity against a range of commercially available silver technologies (see graph). In addition, a study of 56 patients with severe Athlete’s Foot showed a significant improvement or resolution of the medical symptoms in all participants within 9 days of wearing a copper impregnated sock

Cupron Technology is:

  • Effective throughout the life of the product
  • Protected by multiple patents
  • Documented in over 20 scientific publications
  • Registered with the EPA
  • Environmentally friendly

Cupron® technology provides optimal products to improve a diabetic patient’s health and well being by two distinct properties – broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy (proven against fungi, bacteria and viruses) and skin enhancement (upregulating collagen, elastin and other proteins).

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